Girls With Slingshots

Posted in Random on April 26, 2009 by Nienke

Today, I discovered a new webcomic.. well new to me!
it’s called Girls with slingshots and its about 2 girls, a talking cactus and lots of alcohol :D my favourite! xD

it’s added to the links of webcomics :)
also, I added fuckmylife to the links, it’s a site where people post things that happened in their lives that are hilariously ironic xD



Posted in Random on April 18, 2009 by Nienke

ok, many of you who are on this blog for the first time are probably linked here by me, via omegle..
so to all of you Omegle-users: WELCOME! I had a fun time talking to you, otherwise I wouldn’t have given you a link to my blog :)

to all of you other people: GO USE OMEGLE!

it’s great, you get linked to a random stranger, and you have a conversation with them. they’re either crazy 4chan people, pervs who want cybersex (ohh saying this word will give me lots of hits I guess xD), or actually nice people! I’ve talked with a couple of people from all over the world, but there are mny dutch people on there. apparently there have been some magazines/popular dutch sites who spammed about omegle.. I got on there via XKCD (check ‘webcomics’ for a link :))

well. that’s just all, if you’re off omegle and want to keep in touch with me reply here, or add me on one of the profile pages I have linked on the right :)

short post for now, will type more later.. newbies, check out my other blog-entries :)

Poets & Skating

Posted in Random on April 9, 2009 by Nienke

Pretty much since I could walk, my parents put rollerskates under my feet.
After a while I got inline skates, and I’ve never stopped skating since!
Whenever the weather is good, the roads are dry and I have some spare time, I put on my skates and skate around my neighbourhood..
sometimes 6 km..
sometimes more :P
oh, and this is what I do: Wiki

Today, I just finished my last of 3 exams this week (not sure how I did on them; might be just enough to pass, but just as easily I might have failed them..) and I had an oral test of a subject called instrumentation, which is about electronic circuits and stuff, it’s pretty boring at some times but if it works it is satisfactionary xD
anyway, I’m not good at the theoretical part, somehow I managed to get a 7 and a 7.5 (out of 10) for my past 2 tests 0.o, today was my least favourite part (operational amplifiers and such) and I only got a 6.. BUT in the end (with the reports of the several circuits we had to build) I passed it with an 7 :D I’m really happy about it ^^
Next week I got 2 more exams (both for the secon time, failed them the first time >.<) but I just wanted to clear my mind for a while
SO I decided to go skating.. I had about 75 mins to skate, so I decided to take a LONG way… which turned out to be VERY long xD
I had my headphones on (which is not smart if you get sweaty and stuff, but the sound is sooo good, and I don’t have any good earphones at the moment..) and my ipod set on Poets of the Fall.. they’re music is pretty calm, but the rythm is perfect to skate on! I had a pretty quick pace, at a long straight road, I think my approximate speed was about 20 km/h!
oh, remind me of this, I have to look up on google earth how far I exactly skated.. it was pretty damn far :p

little stones and sand are not good to skate on.
neither are little roads of not even a metre wide, when a motorcyclists comes from the other way.

that reminds me of another funny thing :|
I was cycling from the campus of the university to a friend who lives near the centre of enschede, and there was this big cycling path, I think 2,5 m wide
what I DIDN’T expect was that I had to go offroad, because my path was being blocked by a huge HOVERCRAFT.

that was WELL weird xD

that’s it for now, can’t think of any more to type!!!

oh besides that I got a tiny blister on my ankle :p it’s cute ^^

tomorrow it will be swollen a bit, and it’s just like a bubble from a piece of bubblewrap :P

Porcupine Tree – Open Car

Posted in Uncategorized on March 22, 2009 by Nienke

Go listen. you know you want it, and I want you to do it. if you don’t, I’ll hunt you down.

ps. this is apparently taken off the dvd Arriving Somewhere. Which I’m gonna steal from Alex, but he doesn’t know yet :D

well he does actually. whatever.

EDIT; well the video’s been taken off youtube. but if you search for it, there’re probably different versions online :)

another drawing

Posted in Uncategorized on March 15, 2009 by Nienke

*hopes that this turns out right*

otherwise: LINK

leave comments ;)

ps colours are a bit fucked up, need to learn to work with our new scanner :D

Acapella/beatbox stuff

Posted in Other Music Stuff on March 12, 2009 by Nienke

thanks to my youtube recommendations I’ve found a really new addiction!
acapella songs :D
beatboxin’ Song 2 (Blur)
acapella Mr Brightside (killers)
which reminds me.. they were supposed to play in the HMH in amsterdam tonight, but due to some bomb alarm it got cancelled :o it’s moved to the 29th of may now, I believe, which sucks for the people that bought a ticket. this is JUST before pinkpop where the killers are playing too, AND lots of people have their final exams :S
back on topic:
I write sins not tragedies, Panic! at the disco
this was one of my fave songs of panic (when they were still good, in my opinion xP) and it sounds really magic this way!

porcupine tree


PS if anyone who reads this has 2 (or more) spare tickets for the killers.. I wanted to go but I was way to lazy to run to the post office to get tickets :P
and I disliked Human so much that I was a bit like ‘meh don’t want to go’ but it’s grown a bit on me by now (a)

Drawings, OMFG :D

Posted in non-music crap, Random on March 8, 2009 by Nienke

I got a chance to borrow my dads camera (since I still don’t have a new one and our scanner won’t work with vista….)
aaand I took 2 pics of drawings I made :D then the battery died, but I’ll reload it and make more pics. if I can be bothered.

An Elf-huntress/archer. I did draw one of her boots, but I’m afraid I’ll screw up when I draw em in the real drawing… oh and her left (as in left for you and me) arm isn’t shorter. it’s bent, to the front. that’s why it looks shorter. and her thumb magically disappeared :P (I couldn’t draw it over the bow as it should be anymore :()
ah well, overall I’m pretty confident with this drawing :D

and a second, completely random drawing (2 actually)

on the left is a manga-fied version of a friend of mine.. ofcourse it doesn’t look ANYTHING like that friend, and I’ve even forgotten WHO I tried to draw :S
the right one.. well.. I started out with the beak-thing.. then I thought ‘heeey this looks a bit like a bird’ and I tried to draw a bird. I failed, so I thought I’d make some kind of dragon. I failed again and ended up with a cool- looking pokemon/seahorse. awesome.

gaahh, and as I expected, wordpress fucked up and cut off half of my drawings.
link to the first one
link to the second one

oh, and a bonus for the ones that took the effort to scroll down to the bottom of the page
I had some fun with the blackboard at a friends house.. :D
*link* in case it’s fucked up again