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Porcupine Tree – Open Car

Posted in Uncategorized on March 22, 2009 by Nienke

Go listen. you know you want it, and I want you to do it. if you don’t, I’ll hunt you down.

ps. this is apparently taken off the dvd Arriving Somewhere. Which I’m gonna steal from Alex, but he doesn’t know yet :D

well he does actually. whatever.

EDIT; well the video’s been taken off youtube. but if you search for it, there’re probably different versions online :)


another drawing

Posted in Uncategorized on March 15, 2009 by Nienke

*hopes that this turns out right*

otherwise: LINK

leave comments ;)

ps colours are a bit fucked up, need to learn to work with our new scanner :D

Family Guy

Posted in Uncategorized on February 3, 2009 by Nienke

I’m watching it right now, and I just LOVE the randomness xD

Lois Griffin is competing against Adam West to become mayor
but the question is..
Can a woman be mayor, or will she just menstruate all over the city?

ok, this is actually just a short filler post, cos I don’t post enough :( but I’m still alive! so now you know :P

oh, you should listen to/watch RISE AGAINST’S NEW VID!!!!


Posted in Uncategorized on January 18, 2009 by Nienke

sorry for the no-new-postiness for the past few days :(
I don’t really know what to write about and I can’t really be bothered either to be honest :P
I’m not gonna stop my blog yet though!
I dunno if I’ve said it, but I really love drawing! my college blocks are always full of doodles and manga-ish drawings ^^
and since I have a ‘running’ blog right now, I might scan some and post em :D
and I also have some old drawings, stored on my old computer (we just got a new one, the old one made a lot of noise, smelled like there was something on fire and was VERY slow, so my dad got a new one ^^ with a 750 GB hard drive so I can put my music back on this compu someday.. I only have like 100 GB of music :P if you add it all up. but I’ve got my music collection spread over a couple of disks; I bought an 400 GB external drive, because our old hard drive was only 50 G and I had filled half of it with my music and that didn’t really make my dad happy.. so I put it on that drive.. then I got an laptop with a 120G harddrive, but since vista takes up lots of space and I had to install a few big programmes (office, matlab, itunes, stuff like that..) and I put my photo’s on it, I recently bought a mini-hard drive (it’s 10x13x1 cm, approximately and has a rubber coating (usefull if you’re like me; I drop everything)) and I put a part of my music on there and all of my photo’s :D
it’s quite filling up now, it’s only 160 G and 1 photo is about 2 MB.. I take LOTS of photo’s xD

oh about that, will upload some snowy picca’s soon :D if I can remind myself of it….

well my music is pretty unorganized because I keep on downlaoding new stuff, and getting things from friends.. and there’s some new stuff on my laptop, and some new stuff on my tiny hard drive, and all of my old stuff on the big hard drive.. *sigh*
it’s a lot of work to organize that shit…


Posted in Uncategorized on January 5, 2009 by Nienke

yeah, gotta love wikipedia :P

I use it for translation, winning (or losing) arguments, music info, and for games!

it works like this

take two random words (can be taken out of dicitionary, imagination, friends..)

go to the page of one word, and find your way to the other page with just clicking the links on the page!

so I did, marius provided me of two wonderful subjects xD

Banana -> Declaration of Independance (did em in the dutch wiki)

Banana => Central America ->North America -> USA -> DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE  :D


I actually had another one in my head, banana -> andy warhol (the painter, he’s got a pretty famous painting of a banana) ->USA -> DoI :P


ok this is just a short spampost, telling me you all need to have fun with wiki, and LISTEN TO MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE cos they rock :D