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Posted in Random on November 23, 2009 by Nienke

As some of you might know, I’m really addicted to reading webcomics!
at the moment I follow about 20 of em :P
and since I’ve not written anything for a couple of months, I’m gonna bore you with all of em :D

Cyanide and Happiness (Updates daily)
An old classic, the one I’m following the longest I think.. probably since I was 16 or 17 :D
a comic that consists of stick figures, drawn by a couple of artists, each with their own style ^^

Sinfest (updates daily, sunday = coloured comic day!)
A simple drawn comic, but you can see the writer is pretty talented. main characters are the pretty girl Monique, the always-horny-sinner boy Slick and his devilish laptop, and other characters like a pig, god, jesus, buddha, satan.. very humorous and original, I especially like the parts with god/jesus/buddha and satan, they are truly awesome :D

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (updates daily)
mostly one panel comics, with a subscript and a ‘hidden’ image (mouse over the red button) with an extra pun/alternate ending/continuation of the comic. comics about the life, but the funny side of it :D or awkward.

Questionable Content (updates mon-fri)
This has got to be my fave webcomic :) it was (besides C&H) the first I got really into, and I read all the (at that time, about 1000) pages in a few days (it’s not good for school >..<) with REAL music, downloadable somewhere on the site :D

Girls With Slingshots (updates mon-fri)
Another of my favourites :D (they’re all faves ofcourse, because otherwise I wouldn’t read em..)
about two girls, a bar and a talking cactus :P drama, but told really funny. lotsa drunkness (hence the talking cactus) and crazyness :D

Yu+Me (Dream) (updates mon-fri)
Wonderful story about a girl that got into a coma, and gets a real-life dream.. about dream world, lesbians, love, friendship, betrayal.. I think I read through the first 600 pages in 2 days..

XKCD (updates.. pretty much daily? I think?)
This should need no explanation! best webcomic ever with the simplest stick figures. about science, love, nerds.. also, read the mouse-over text!!

The Book of Biff (mon-fri)
One panel comics, about how biff sees the world in it’s ridiculousity :P very humorous

Penny and Aggie (mon-wed-fri)
Drama, mostly. but really captivating! once you start you’ll read through it all :) some unexpected plot twists that will keep you hooked ;)

My Cardboard Life (m-w-f)
aww, this has to be the most original comic! the panels are completely hand-made, of pieces of cardboard, paper, fabric.. everything that you and I have at home! and if that’s not enough; the comics are hilarious :)

Beartato! (randomly?)
heh, awesome comic :D horrible puns and unexpected endings :P

end of part one, stay tuned for part 2! I’m gonna write it soon-ish :D


Them Crooked Vultures

Posted in Random on August 17, 2009 by Nienke

Join the hype!

A new ‘superband’ has risen: Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, and of course Nirvana, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stogne age and other bands (I believe he drummed for Eagles of Death Metal?) and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.
Dave will be drumming his ass off, Josh will rock his guitar and mighty vocals, and John will do his thing on the bass and keys :D
Yesterday my bf got an email with their logo, and a text that read something like ‘Melkweg, 19-08-09; presale starts on 18-08(TOMORROW!), 6 PM at the doors only. limit is one ticket per person, tickets can’t be transferred and you will be given a wristband.’
there was a little hint on the site before, if you clicked the ‘x’ on their site you would be directed to google earth, which zoomed in on the southern part of the netherlands.. when I checked after that email, it zoomed in on the venue of the Mellkweg :D
later was announced that tickets would be € 37.50.. ok, I wasn’t going anyway, but still, it’s sooo cool! plus, they were a BIG rumour for Lowlands!! the big festival I’m going to ^^
and since lowlands starts friday, and they’re near anyway, the rumour is as good as confirmed for me :P


(also sorry for the missing journal updates, I’m lazy :P and I got exams coming up, so I’m ‘busy’ :P)


Posted in Random on August 8, 2009 by Nienke

ghello ghello! I AM actually typing out my journal.. but I’m really lazy and I only typed like 3 pages. yeah, yeah, I’ll finish it SOMEDAY

in the meanwhile I’ve been drawing quite a lot, they’re on my deviantart :)

I’d appreciate if you check em out and leave a message :P

ok, I got more visitors on my DA than on here.. but WHATEVERRR

see ya!

Back Home

Posted in Random on July 28, 2009 by Nienke

I came back from my trip to the UK last saturday
and I made a journal!
it’s quite long, so I’m gonna post it in episodes, on here ^^
I have to type it out first, well, after finishing it :P I haven’t written the last few days yet..
I’ll probably post one or two days every time, dunno how frequently :P I’ll see ^^


Posted in Random on June 12, 2009 by Nienke

as you might have heard, the 14th of november, my pretty-much-fave band comes to play in Ahoy in Rotterdam!
Tickets are going on sale this saturday… BUT
when I was about to ask a friend of mine on msn whether he was going too, he told me he already got tickets, in the pre-pre-sale or somethin! So he sent me the link, and after a few minutes of pressing f5 (reload!) and scrolling down with a frequency of at least 100 Hz, I had the luck that someone didn’t complete their transaction or something, and 4 tickets went back for sale! ok, then I had to make an account, got really nervous because my transaction might time out too, and at one of the last screens it said ‘after 10 mins you tickets go back for sale’. I had already called my bf to come online to discuss what we would do; since the official presale starts saturday.. but the site seemed trustable (eventim/livenation) and I had those 4 tickets (191,something euros.. ouch >.<), and it said I only had 10 minutes so I just ordered them! now me and my bf and 2 friends are going FOR SURE :D

ok it almost caused a heart attack, but, I'm finally gonna see the band that was on no. 1 of my 'want to see live' list!!!!

Scrambled Eggs and Mexican Kicks

Posted in non-music crap, Random on May 2, 2009 by Nienke

I’m home alone! my parents left at 6.10 thursday morning (that evening I threw a party for my friends, it was well fun :D) for rome, and they’re not returning till monday evening/night :D

also, that means I have to make my own dinner. I’m not such a good cook, and a HUGE fan of scrambled eggs. So, here’s a recipe to make scrambled-eggs-nienke-style :D (pictures of my art (my food) included =] )

shopping list:
* eggs

yeah you really don’t need to buy anything more than eggs :P for the rest of the ingredients, you open up the fridge and take some random leftovers. you ALWAYS have some, and pretty much everything tastes good in scrambled eggs. For my little work of art, I took the leftovers of yesterday: small baked potatoes with vegetables and a bit of pork, that I cooked in a wok.
also, we ate chinese on the day before yesterday, and my parents bought a 2-person meal. which is WAY too much for 3 people :P I took the egg-rolls and chopped them, put em in a bowl together with the other leftovers, and cracked 3 eggs (I was damn hungry!)
then I stirred it, and it looked like this:
Yeah, looks like barf, I agree :P

then you pour this stuff into a large pan

that you put on the fire with some butter.

use a wooden spatle (yeah I think this is not the right word, but I can’t be bothered with looking on wikipedia for the correct word xD) to scramble the egg after you’ve let it sizzle for a minute or so.


Pour some seasoning on your egg (or not, if you’re a pussy)
I chose Cajun seasoning, everything tastes better with cajun! <3
It’s quite spicy though, so don’t put too much on your egg, unless you like the feeling of your mouth being on fire :P

when you think it’s finished (make sure all of the egg is cooked, you don’t wanna get ill!) just throw it on a plate, grab a fork/knife/spoon and OMNOMNOM!


and this is what my plate looked like when I was finished:
yes I was at the computer while eating, fuck yeah, no parents to moan about that :P
oh, and the drink you see on the photo, is called ‘Mexican Kick’ (I invented it!)
a mix of a bit of tequila (hence the mexican) with energy drink (hence the KICK xD) :D
it tastes sooooo good and the state of hyper-tipsyness is awesome :D

and as a dessert…
also, a random drawing. not confident with it at all, the left eye looks good though. and I tried a bit of a new thing for the mouth, but not sure if I like it yet.

well, there you go! a cheap-ass student meal :D just take some leftovers from your parents and buy yourself some eggs, then you’re finished :D

also, a few other drawings:
shy/scared boy, tried to draw a body this time too.. I’m not good at it >.<
the proportions are WAY off, but, all together, I think it doesn’t even look that bad. and the boy’s face is sooo cute! it’s a bit different now though, after I took the picture I made some changes :P added some shading and made a pattern on the tshirt. might post it someday xD

yeah, college is fun xD tried some things to see how they looked; pretty funny xD


made during a meeting (a)

wow, this is a pretty long post, and I liked writing this :)
I’ll try to do it more often :)

BUT it sucks to write things with no one reading it. so I ask all of you, reading this, to link my blog, spam spam spam it!
I might make a spam-banner someday :)
I want traffic!

Girls With Slingshots

Posted in Random on April 26, 2009 by Nienke

Today, I discovered a new webcomic.. well new to me!
it’s called Girls with slingshots and its about 2 girls, a talking cactus and lots of alcohol :D my favourite! xD

it’s added to the links of webcomics :)
also, I added fuckmylife to the links, it’s a site where people post things that happened in their lives that are hilariously ironic xD