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Scrambled Eggs and Mexican Kicks

Posted in non-music crap, Random on May 2, 2009 by Nienke

I’m home alone! my parents left at 6.10 thursday morning (that evening I threw a party for my friends, it was well fun :D) for rome, and they’re not returning till monday evening/night :D

also, that means I have to make my own dinner. I’m not such a good cook, and a HUGE fan of scrambled eggs. So, here’s a recipe to make scrambled-eggs-nienke-style :D (pictures of my art (my food) included =] )

shopping list:
* eggs

yeah you really don’t need to buy anything more than eggs :P for the rest of the ingredients, you open up the fridge and take some random leftovers. you ALWAYS have some, and pretty much everything tastes good in scrambled eggs. For my little work of art, I took the leftovers of yesterday: small baked potatoes with vegetables and a bit of pork, that I cooked in a wok.
also, we ate chinese on the day before yesterday, and my parents bought a 2-person meal. which is WAY too much for 3 people :P I took the egg-rolls and chopped them, put em in a bowl together with the other leftovers, and cracked 3 eggs (I was damn hungry!)
then I stirred it, and it looked like this:
Yeah, looks like barf, I agree :P

then you pour this stuff into a large pan

that you put on the fire with some butter.

use a wooden spatle (yeah I think this is not the right word, but I can’t be bothered with looking on wikipedia for the correct word xD) to scramble the egg after you’ve let it sizzle for a minute or so.


Pour some seasoning on your egg (or not, if you’re a pussy)
I chose Cajun seasoning, everything tastes better with cajun! <3
It’s quite spicy though, so don’t put too much on your egg, unless you like the feeling of your mouth being on fire :P

when you think it’s finished (make sure all of the egg is cooked, you don’t wanna get ill!) just throw it on a plate, grab a fork/knife/spoon and OMNOMNOM!


and this is what my plate looked like when I was finished:
yes I was at the computer while eating, fuck yeah, no parents to moan about that :P
oh, and the drink you see on the photo, is called ‘Mexican Kick’ (I invented it!)
a mix of a bit of tequila (hence the mexican) with energy drink (hence the KICK xD) :D
it tastes sooooo good and the state of hyper-tipsyness is awesome :D

and as a dessert…
also, a random drawing. not confident with it at all, the left eye looks good though. and I tried a bit of a new thing for the mouth, but not sure if I like it yet.

well, there you go! a cheap-ass student meal :D just take some leftovers from your parents and buy yourself some eggs, then you’re finished :D

also, a few other drawings:
shy/scared boy, tried to draw a body this time too.. I’m not good at it >.<
the proportions are WAY off, but, all together, I think it doesn’t even look that bad. and the boy’s face is sooo cute! it’s a bit different now though, after I took the picture I made some changes :P added some shading and made a pattern on the tshirt. might post it someday xD

yeah, college is fun xD tried some things to see how they looked; pretty funny xD


made during a meeting (a)

wow, this is a pretty long post, and I liked writing this :)
I’ll try to do it more often :)

BUT it sucks to write things with no one reading it. so I ask all of you, reading this, to link my blog, spam spam spam it!
I might make a spam-banner someday :)
I want traffic!


Drawings, OMFG :D

Posted in non-music crap, Random on March 8, 2009 by Nienke

I got a chance to borrow my dads camera (since I still don’t have a new one and our scanner won’t work with vista….)
aaand I took 2 pics of drawings I made :D then the battery died, but I’ll reload it and make more pics. if I can be bothered.

An Elf-huntress/archer. I did draw one of her boots, but I’m afraid I’ll screw up when I draw em in the real drawing… oh and her left (as in left for you and me) arm isn’t shorter. it’s bent, to the front. that’s why it looks shorter. and her thumb magically disappeared :P (I couldn’t draw it over the bow as it should be anymore :()
ah well, overall I’m pretty confident with this drawing :D

and a second, completely random drawing (2 actually)

on the left is a manga-fied version of a friend of mine.. ofcourse it doesn’t look ANYTHING like that friend, and I’ve even forgotten WHO I tried to draw :S
the right one.. well.. I started out with the beak-thing.. then I thought ‘heeey this looks a bit like a bird’ and I tried to draw a bird. I failed, so I thought I’d make some kind of dragon. I failed again and ended up with a cool- looking pokemon/seahorse. awesome.

gaahh, and as I expected, wordpress fucked up and cut off half of my drawings.
link to the first one
link to the second one

oh, and a bonus for the ones that took the effort to scroll down to the bottom of the page
I had some fun with the blackboard at a friends house.. :D
*link* in case it’s fucked up again

Magic 8-ball

Posted in non-music crap, Random on December 18, 2008 by Nienke

I suppose you all know the glorious magic 8-ball!
I reaaaally want to have one =D might get myself one for christmas or something..
ohhhh THIS one is just too cool =D and not very expensive either! *doeswant*
but.. I had some spare time last night (well not really but I just wanted to do it) and I went programming in Matlab (lots of technical studies use that programme to do calculations and stuff) so I might give it a go, and I did it! with help from some friends but meh

so.. here it is, the m.file for magic 8-ball madness ;) open a new M-file, and copy-paste this into it:

%magic 8-ball madness!!

a = ceil(20*rand);

if a == 1
‘As I see it yes’
if a==2
‘Ask again later’
if a==3
‘Better not tell you now’
if a==4
‘Cannot predict now’
if a==5
‘Concentrate and ask again’
if a==6
‘Do not count on it’
if a==7
‘It is certain’
if a==8
‘It is decidedly so’
if a==9
‘Most likely’
if a==10
‘My reply is no’
if a==11
‘My sources say no’
if a==12
‘Outlook good’
if a==13
‘Outlook not so good’
if a==14
‘Reply hazy try again’
if a==15
‘Signs point to yes’
if a==16
‘Very doubtful’
if a==17
‘Without a doubt’
if a==18
if a==19
‘Yes – definitely’
if a==20
‘You may rely on it’

Now you have your very own magic 8-ball! if you have matlab. :P


Posted in non-music crap, Random on December 17, 2008 by Nienke

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issues of credibility might be related though.. but BRITNEY?!!! DONOTWANT!


Posted in non-music crap, Random on December 16, 2008 by Nienke

You’re going back home

After an exam you probably failed

It’s pretty damn foggy

You can’t see for more than 100 m

There are trees, on both sides of a long, straight road

You see a silhouette

As you come closer you notice it’s a man

His clothes are dark, so is his hair

He walks a bit silly

You come even closer

His coat is blue

His jeans are black

His hair is brown

and as you’re slowly overtaking him

You see he has a beard..




yeah so it was a guy I knew from a couple of years ago. he used to be reaaaally annoying so I elbowed him in his stomach. he’s got a big one so it doesn’t matter anyways =p


and I know this was TOTALLY random. whatdyawannado? murder me? go ahead =P

*if last fm wasn’t being a dick to me, you would see a box filled with noth- the songs I listened to*

(holy shit, that’s a big html code. it’s like an entire page for a thing that’s only a few cm wide/high :P. but now you can see what I’m listening to :D)

HALP IT NO WERK! *goes editing*

Jimmy Alter

Posted in non-music crap on December 15, 2008 by Nienke

WOHOO! (hey that should’ve been the start of my previous post =p)
I got my first review article on jimmy alter! (it’s in dutch, but I think most of my visitors are dutch anyways soooo whatever =p)
I must say, I’m really proud =D People are saying they liked it, and I’m getting some critics, which I can use reaaally well cos my writing style is.. well.. crap =P

anyway, it’s a review of the soundtrack of Twilight, a movie about a girl that falls in love with a guy that appears to be a vampire ^^
I wanna see it =D
anyone wanna come to the cinema with me next week or someting? =]

ok short blogpost today.. I got to study for ‘Analysis of Technology in Society’. it’s as boring as it sounds =p


Soilwork – Disintegrated Skies

Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Posted in non-music crap on December 13, 2008 by Nienke


I just came back from a dinner with my bf’s family, and I turned on the telly cos my parents aren’t home and I’m bored :P
and apparently ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ is on at bbc 2.. I heard some good things about this show, and now I’m watching it and it’s EPIC!

With the a-cappela round (where they ‘sing’ the intro of a song) they had to do ‘Don’t look back into the sun’ by the libertines. god, I love that song, that band, and most of all I love Carl Barat (l)
he’s just most gorgeous guy EVER ^^

ok enough about that, there’s a dutch show called ‘Doe Maar Normaal’ which is practically the same as never mind the buzzcocks, but NMtB has WAY better music :D
oh and now it’s finished already, way to fast..
and I wish I had bbc3 right now cos Family Guy is on!

one of the guest on NMtB was Josh Groban, he’s pretty damn popular in the states, he did a cover of ‘You raise me up’  and he has the CUTEST PUPPY EYES EVER (at about 5.50) :D
yeah I like NMtB ^^

and I know this post isn’t much about the tv show but more random ramblings. that’s probably what this blog-thingy is gonna be about the most, cos I can’t be serious and on topic for a long time :P

I’m still watching BBC, dunno what exactly is on, will check.. aha ‘The Peter serafinowicz show.. Best of”
its kinda funny, I love british humour :D
uurrrm ok what’s with the Darth Mother (a pink Darth Vader)
xD it’s really funny :P makes no sense at all :P

ok that’s it for now.. I’m not listening to anything right now, watching that tv show :P

see ya later elevator ;)

EDIT: woop added the pretty links :D *is all happy now and should DEFINITELY GO BACK TO STUDY*