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Ska-P @ Melkweg

Posted in Gig Reviews, Other Music Stuff on February 23, 2009 by Nienke

Finally, I get to see the first ska-band I got into live ^^
I remember thinking about seeing them live while listening to their live album, incontrolable
A little while later (excuse me for missing P’s and L’s in my writings, I dropped my hard drive on my keyboard..) a friend said that they were playing in belgium.. doubting to go but it’s pretty far away and it’d get quite expensive. and I think it was on a weekday too..

ANYWAYS the 6th of february they were playing in the Melkweg in Amsterdam! wohooooo! Rolf bought tickets asap, and wooo we went to amsterdam early, so we could make a stop in utrecht to do some shopping ^^ I bought a couple of LP’s again (damn that’s hard to write if the L and the P of your keyboard are missing xD), a single of the wombats (is this christmas), two LP’s of supertramp, two of ELO, one of the who, and one of the libertines :D and I ordered Franz ferdinand’s new record, Tonight, and IT’S AWESOME :D

ok, back on topic; we had dinner at rolf’s aunt’s house (which was de-li-ci-ous :D) and after that we went to the melkweg. there were not many people outside waiting, we were a bit late-ish, cos there wouldn’t be a support band, and since there were none of those scene kids that NEED to stand in the front otherwise they DIE (you know who I mean, no offence to them xD) ok, the gig started, and they were just as good as I expected, maybe even better! one of the band members (I think) showed up in different suits at different songs, he had a police outfit (in which he began fake-hitting a random guy from the audience), a guantanamo bay-prisoners suit (in which he sat in an electric chair behind a fence), an uncle sam outfit with huge stilts xD
I’ll see if I can find a link to some pics…
ah, HERE‘s one :D

They had a pretty good setlist (which I can’t find right now) but they didn’t play my fave song insensibilidad, and the first song I knew from them; la estampidaaaaaaaa
though they did play welcome to hell and intifada and other songs, which I can’t remember from the top of my head
and spanish people really need to learn english! the spoke to the crowd in spanish ALL the time! I was yelling ‘no hablas espanol’ but I think he didn’t hear me xD and the merch-selling guy was also spanish, but he spoke a bit of english, I was able to communicate with him a bit and bought an AWESOME tshirt from que corra la voz. then I wanted to find out what it ment, and thanks to babelfish/my fantasy/forum people help I figured out that it would mean something like ‘spread the word!’ since there’s a newspaper on the background, and a cat with a megaphone is jumping outside of that newspaper :P so it’d kinda make sense..

a bit of a downside of this gig was that BOTH my cellphone AND my photocamera were stolen :(
luckily the insurance company had covered my phone (which I still haven’t got back; loooong story with lots of swearings) but I really miss my cam.. gotta do some research soon, I WANT and NEED a new one!

and I also need a new house, this one’s too full :P
I want to go n live on my own ^^

that’s all for now, I’m off to bed (I’m actually already in it…)


The Automatic

Posted in Gig Reviews, Other Music Stuff, Recommendations on December 22, 2008 by Nienke

YAY INSPIRATION or something.

sooo The Automatic! you probably don’t really know them but you must’ve heard MONSTER before
I just spammed about here on their forum (which I had been on quite a while before, I got to know them during the winter olympics in hurr.. 2006? was in the italian alps I believe. I got the clip stored on my computer (I’m on my laptop right now so I can’t access it..) or on one of my hard disks.. will try and upload it to youtube someday) so I thought I might write a bit on here! (I shouldn’t use those () thingies that much =P it makes my sentences long and hard to understand and read xD)

ANYWAYS I’ve got to learn to stay on subject for more than 2 seconds. The Automatic released their first album, Not Accepted Anywhere in 2006, when Alex Pennie (synth/screams) was still in the band. That was also the time that I fell in love with them! I first heard.. I think it was Raoul (who is actually a guy that sells sandwiches in cardiff =P). I got the album (downloaded. yeah sue me.) and played it LOTS of times! then I found out they were coming to the netherlands, not just once, not just twice, but 4 (hmm can’t do caps letters with numbers..) times! I went to the gig in Tivoli in Utrecht, with my (now ex)bf, and a girl I knew from secondary school, and a few of her friends (of which one I bumped into on lowlands in august, waiting in line to see Franz Ferdinand xD). We were like more than an hour early, so we just sat in front of Tivoli with some other people.. and suddenly, 4 guys walked past us. I think my jaw must’ve dropped into the Oudegracht as I saw that it were Rob, Frost, Iwan and uurhhr.. James (tour guy or something. dunnolol.) I think. so I was like.. ‘shall we walk to them and ask autographs and act fangirlish?’

so we did

well actually the walking turned into running while on our way to catch up to them as they were a bit ahead of us already. We had a little chat, of course I kinda freaked out and no real english word came out of my mouth but WHATEVER. we got our arms signed, and we got a photo =D will upload if I’ve got my laptop hooked up to the hard disk I talked about previously =P
A while after that another guy (n a girl) walked past.. and my friends were like ‘teeheee he looks like popeye’ and I believe my jaw dropped even deeper into the Oudegracht. they mistook Pennie for Popeye xD
I didn’t run after him.. he looked kinda moody and I didn’t want to bother him when he was with his girlfriend (?)
well a while after that we went inside, and I wanted to buy a tshirt. and WHO was selling those tshirts? PETER HILL! I had talked to him on myspace before, he’s the photographer (try and say that when you’re a tad nervous and when nerves eat your english knowledge) & a friend (and I just found out he’s tour manager now?) of the band! So I had a little chat with him, talked about ‘snorren’ and asked if we could draw one on his face. Shame he said he wasn’t drunk enough =P
Then he also signed our arm, he was like ‘wtf people asking me for autographs? makes no sense.’

Then the actual gig started! The support was by Silence is Sexy, a dutch band. They were pretty good, their guitarist was crazy! as in he looked crazy, I didn’t have enough knowledge of guitar-goodness by then to decide if he was really good at it =P
oh, just found my old photobucket account, there’re some gig photos on there =D not the band + me pic though =(
Ok bladibla, we had lots of fun, the friends my other friend brought were really fun ^^ AND THEN THE AUTOMATIC STARTED!!! they played pretty much all the songs of NAA I think, (yeah it was pretty long ago. 14 april 2007 I think) and 2 covers: Golddigga and a song by the Talking Heads (dunno the title, they sung something with ‘this aint no party, this aint no disco, this aint no foolin around) and there was a pit and I got bruised and we didn’t miss our train (which I did later, when i went to Lostprophets in Amsterdam. The last train leaves waaaay to early =[)
oh and I got the most epic gig-goody-souvenir: an towel,signed by pete =P it probably has the sweat of one of the band members on it xD
when I asked pete (he recognized me! but he still wasn’t drunk enough =P) for *something* that was left on stage, he was like ‘oh there’s a towel here.. but you don’t want that don’t you? ‘ ‘uh.. yeah..’  ‘gross. here you are!’  ‘can you sign it? =]’  ‘wtf.’  ^^
I asked him if we could come backstage too, he was like ‘hm well backstage isn’t that spectacular, there’s only like a room..’  ‘doesn’t matter’  ‘well if you stay around, I’ll see if I can arrange something for you..’  but since we didn’t want to miss our train we had to leave *sob*
goddamned trains. if it weren’t for them, I would’ve probably been backstage with the fucking automatic!!!


OK I wanted to write a cd review, of the Automatic’s latest album: This is a Fix! I haven’t even listened to it properly, I don’t understand why.. it probably has to do with Pennie leaving (he’s been replaced by Paul Mullen). I loved his squeaks and jumping around, his crazyness was great! I have to listen to it properly, I will write a review later, as this post is becoming WAAAAAY to long and most of you have probably stopped reading by now xD

cooool I have 1000 words! This is the end of my blog ;)

Sonata Arctica, 21-11-08

Posted in Gig Reviews on December 13, 2008 by Nienke

ok, I don’t have much to do at the moment; I could study a bit but my boyfriend will pick me up in 1,5 hour to go to his gran, so I’ll just do some random things :P

3 weeks ago I went to see Sonata Arctica.. I heard some music by them and I kinda liked it, and they were playing near me (Rijssen, only 30 mins by train) so I was like: why not? :D

my ex-boyfriend (we’re still good friends, and we kinda like the same music) and some friends were also going, and 2 days before the gig I found out I had won two tickets.. *sigh* it’s not the first time that that happened. well ofcourse I had already bought myself a ticket (well my ex did but that doesn’t matter ;)) so I had to find 2 people that wanted to come with me. thankfully, some of my uni-friends liked sonata too, so I asked them. at first they didn’t want to go, because they have already seen sonata (a couple of times?). buuuut since I offered them those tickets, and they had pretty much nothing to do anyways, they went with me.

OK now to the point :P

The support acts were Vanishing Point and Pagan’s Mind. I didn’t know either of them, but I listened on myspace and it sounded pretty good.. both were good live too, but well.. I didn’t remember that much of it actually :P the second support (I think it was Pagan’s Mind but I’m not sure) brought a guest with them.. and HELL he was cute :D and he could sing pretty well too ^^

After those two bands, finally, it was time for Sonata Arctica :D
I don’t know any of the song titles, so I can’t tell with which song they opened.. well even if I did know the titles I wouldn’t be able to tell due to my baaaad memory :P but they ROCKED! and they had really cool uurr.. how do you call these things.. where music comes from, they are on stage and aimed at the band itself.. well.. they were see-through, like giant ice-cubes :D I wanted to take one home.. (I dreamed about that the next night by the way xD) they looked soooo awesome :D
After a couple of songs one of the ‘harder’ songs started, and a mosh-pit formed in the middle.. I was doubting to go in (I love pits!) but I didn’t want to go by myself.. then a friend of mine (who stood a bit behind me) rushed to me and yelled ‘We HAVE to go moshing!!!!’ and dragged me along :P Amongst lots of sweaty, half naked men I still felt I was in the right place, and being one of the only girls they always make sure you don’t get hurt and stuff :P it’s funny xD
I still have to build more muscles, because now I can’t push someone away, when I try to shove *a random big guy* I only push myself back :P
We had LOTS of fun (and bruises! the next day I discovered a bruise of about 10 cm on the back of my leg :|) there, and after a song or two they dissapeared from the stage. A while later only the red-haired singer (I won’t go rambling about red hair, I really have a thing for red hair :D) appeared back on stage, with two drumsticks in his hands. he explained the concept; he divided the crowd in three parts; we all had to make a different sound of a drumkit. I was the hi-hat, the group next to me the snare drum, and most of my friends were the bass drum.. He practiced a bit, and then we were ready for the ‘real’ work: drumming ‘we will rock you’ :D I got a video of this, if I can figure out how I’ll upload it in this blog ;) Halfway the song the rest of the band joined in to give an explosion of sound, wooo that was great :D
After that they continued playing, I managed to recognize some songs and sing along a bit :P
then again they dissapeared, and I went back to my other friends.. of course, the crowd started yelling ‘we want more’ and ‘nog een liedje’ (the dutch equivalent to ‘we want more’, apparently they didn’t know a finnish band doesn’t understand dutch..) but it worked, as always, and they played an encore :)
That was pretty much the end of the gig.. or well that’s what I remember of it.. the next time I’ll have to write a review one or two days after the gig, otherwise I won’t remember 90% of the things that happened :P
We headed back to the train station, as it started snowing :D I LOVELOVELOVE snow! so we stood there at the train station, with LOTS of people, and I had my tongue out of my mouth to catch some snow, I looked silly but whatever, they know me like that anyways :P we had to wait for 20 minutes, but I didn’t mind. SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

train arrived, and 30 mins later we were back in Hengelo. and then came the biggest challenge of the day: I had to find the keys of my bike.. chaotic as I am, it took me about 15 minutes to find out they were in my bag.

YAY for Sonata!

oh, and I was just listening to:

and I will upload some photo’s/clips fo the gig later :) or now, I’ll just save it first ;)


ok, some pics:

Pagan’s mind guy:Pagan's mind?

urgh. I have to find another way to upload the images cos I can’t work with this thing. it won’t let me add another image…

ok.. now uploading some piccas on the good (?) old photobucket..





I SO want that key-tar! it’s schmexy!

ok now I just hope they don’t show up HUUUUGE and are automatically resized…
Hurr ok so they are resized but some parts are cut off.. urgh it’s fine :P