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Posted in CD Review, Other Music Stuff on December 29, 2008 by Nienke

I did something good today!

with the help (and amplifier with boxes) from a dear friend, I finally installed my vinyl-recordplayer/turntable thingy!!!!
it looks sooo good, a black (or white :D) round thing, with a needle on it, and there’s sound coming out of it :D it’s really awesome, though the sound quality is.. hm.. well good, but if there’s a bit of dust or something on the record.. well you can imagine

I’ve got quite a collection of LP’s and 7″ now.. I can’t be bothered to turn on the lights so Ill just have to try and write a list (uh oh, I’m bad at lists) from the top of my head

The Infadels, forgot the title (oh god, there it starts already)
a good record, the infadels are fun! I saw them on lowlands and it was just a craaaazy party :P

Nirvana – MTV Unplugged
need I say more? Nirvana is one of my fave bands, and I love MTV unplugged..

Franz Ferdinand – You could have it so much better with..
yaay for christmas pressies :D
didn’t listen to it entirely yet.. but I got it on my computer as well so I know the album :P
well franz were on lowlands too, they were gooooooood! I managed to make some vids that actually turned out really well, will upload them on youtube someday :P

The Libertines LP
wohooooooooo, their second album on vinyl, on lowlands, I just HAD to buy it ^^

Foxboro Hottubs, Mother Mary/She’s a saint, not a celebrity
has something to do with green day, I think the singer is the same but the music is really different! less punk and more rock n roll =) this was the first 7″ I owned, won it off jimmy alter ^^

The Automatic – Recover (+remix)
OMIGOD! I also won this one on JA, AND IT’S SIGNED!!!!! those same autographs have been on my arm :D
that, and the single is reaaally good, it’s better than monster :D go listen!

(oh yeah will add links to songs later)

Flogging Molly – Float
one of my newest singles, yay for flogging molly! and irish folkrock songs =D
float is the new album, I like it a lot, though I miss the punky bits =[

Gogol Bordello – Wanderlust King
yeah haven’t listened to this yet.. but YAY folkrock

The Libertines – Can’t Stand me now (+ I’ve got sweets)
again, yay for the libertines! this is probably my fave song :) bought this one together with the LP :)

Dirty Pretty Things – Tired Of London (or was it tired of england? can’t remember)
WHITE Vinyl =D and released on 23 june this year, the day I turned 18 =D Jimmy agreed that was a good reason that I should win this single ;)

Maxïmo Park – Our Velocity
bought at their gig in paradiso, also WHIIIIITE! didn’t listen to this yet, I just realized! I got it after my parents’ record player fucked up (it did play normal records, but singles (different speed) NUH-uh. shame)

Kaiser Chiefs – Never Miss a Beat
yay bananas! that’s what I saw when I wanted to take the single out of is sleeve. it’s got an inner sleeve with banana’s on it, and the outersleeve looks like a banana box thingy, it’s made of brownish thick paper, with a green sticker on it =P bought this when I was shopping for gifts for my bf ^^

OK I think that’s all.
I hope I can post more often.. but mostly I’ve got NO clue whatsoever what to write about.. :(