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Posted in Random on November 23, 2009 by Nienke

As some of you might know, I’m really addicted to reading webcomics!
at the moment I follow about 20 of em :P
and since I’ve not written anything for a couple of months, I’m gonna bore you with all of em :D

Cyanide and Happiness (Updates daily)
An old classic, the one I’m following the longest I think.. probably since I was 16 or 17 :D
a comic that consists of stick figures, drawn by a couple of artists, each with their own style ^^

Sinfest (updates daily, sunday = coloured comic day!)
A simple drawn comic, but you can see the writer is pretty talented. main characters are the pretty girl Monique, the always-horny-sinner boy Slick and his devilish laptop, and other characters like a pig, god, jesus, buddha, satan.. very humorous and original, I especially like the parts with god/jesus/buddha and satan, they are truly awesome :D

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (updates daily)
mostly one panel comics, with a subscript and a ‘hidden’ image (mouse over the red button) with an extra pun/alternate ending/continuation of the comic. comics about the life, but the funny side of it :D or awkward.

Questionable Content (updates mon-fri)
This has got to be my fave webcomic :) it was (besides C&H) the first I got really into, and I read all the (at that time, about 1000) pages in a few days (it’s not good for school >..<) with REAL music, downloadable somewhere on the site :D

Girls With Slingshots (updates mon-fri)
Another of my favourites :D (they’re all faves ofcourse, because otherwise I wouldn’t read em..)
about two girls, a bar and a talking cactus :P drama, but told really funny. lotsa drunkness (hence the talking cactus) and crazyness :D

Yu+Me (Dream) (updates mon-fri)
Wonderful story about a girl that got into a coma, and gets a real-life dream.. about dream world, lesbians, love, friendship, betrayal.. I think I read through the first 600 pages in 2 days..

XKCD (updates.. pretty much daily? I think?)
This should need no explanation! best webcomic ever with the simplest stick figures. about science, love, nerds.. also, read the mouse-over text!!

The Book of Biff (mon-fri)
One panel comics, about how biff sees the world in it’s ridiculousity :P very humorous

Penny and Aggie (mon-wed-fri)
Drama, mostly. but really captivating! once you start you’ll read through it all :) some unexpected plot twists that will keep you hooked ;)

My Cardboard Life (m-w-f)
aww, this has to be the most original comic! the panels are completely hand-made, of pieces of cardboard, paper, fabric.. everything that you and I have at home! and if that’s not enough; the comics are hilarious :)

Beartato! (randomly?)
heh, awesome comic :D horrible puns and unexpected endings :P

end of part one, stay tuned for part 2! I’m gonna write it soon-ish :D