as you might have heard, the 14th of november, my pretty-much-fave band comes to play in Ahoy in Rotterdam!
Tickets are going on sale this saturday… BUT
when I was about to ask a friend of mine on msn whether he was going too, he told me he already got tickets, in the pre-pre-sale or somethin! So he sent me the link, and after a few minutes of pressing f5 (reload!) and scrolling down with a frequency of at least 100 Hz, I had the luck that someone didn’t complete their transaction or something, and 4 tickets went back for sale! ok, then I had to make an account, got really nervous because my transaction might time out too, and at one of the last screens it said ‘after 10 mins you tickets go back for sale’. I had already called my bf to come online to discuss what we would do; since the official presale starts saturday.. but the site seemed trustable (eventim/livenation) and I had those 4 tickets (191,something euros.. ouch >.<), and it said I only had 10 minutes so I just ordered them! now me and my bf and 2 friends are going FOR SURE :D

ok it almost caused a heart attack, but, I'm finally gonna see the band that was on no. 1 of my 'want to see live' list!!!!


4 Responses to “MUSE”

  1. that friend (flattered by the choice of word) is surely brilliant!

  2. I think I hate you now.
    I always have to hear stories from people saying oooh I saw (insert cool band I really like here) live the other day, they were pretty awesome! and liselotte gets to see no one cool live :(
    hope you have LOADS of fun while there anyway :D

    • Yeah I thought I was pretty fucked here in the netherlands, all cool bands come to amsterdam.. but for you it’s much worse! since most bands barely tour over there.. and amsterdam is ‘only’ 2 hours away..

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