Anti-Flag <3

I only just realized that Anti-Flag’s putting out a new album the 9th of June :D
it’s called ‘The people or the gun’ and you can pre-order it on their site, for only 10 dollars, and for 20 dollars you get the cd/lp, a tshirt, a poster and an EP :O
shame that shipping is so expensive, it puts it on a total of 33 dollars…. still not that much for the stuff you get though so I’m really considering ordering it :D but you need a credit card so I’d have to ask my dad :P

also, if I put this banner right here I am in the race of winning an free tshirt (which I won’t really need if I order the lp-package but it’s always usefull to have 2 shirts: can wear the second if the first is dirty (a))

oh and if you click on the banner, there’s an link to the store :D I hope. I still don’t speak HTML fluently.  (also, the lay out of my blog has caused half of the banner to fall of the page :()
also, if you want to put the banner on your own site, either copy this link:<a href=”;current=af_banner.gif&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket” /></a>  on your site
or download the banner RIGHT HERE (I hope the right-click-save-as-method works here…. as I said, not fluent at HTML :P)

if you did that, you can sent an email with screenshot (or link to page?) to :D

suburban, expect an email from me soon ;)

also, my blog’s not getting much traffic at the moment. got any tips how I can get more? besides banner-actions like these xD


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