Ska-P @ Melkweg

Finally, I get to see the first ska-band I got into live ^^
I remember thinking about seeing them live while listening to their live album, incontrolable
A little while later (excuse me for missing P’s and L’s in my writings, I dropped my hard drive on my keyboard..) a friend said that they were playing in belgium.. doubting to go but it’s pretty far away and it’d get quite expensive. and I think it was on a weekday too..

ANYWAYS the 6th of february they were playing in the Melkweg in Amsterdam! wohooooo! Rolf bought tickets asap, and wooo we went to amsterdam early, so we could make a stop in utrecht to do some shopping ^^ I bought a couple of LP’s again (damn that’s hard to write if the L and the P of your keyboard are missing xD), a single of the wombats (is this christmas), two LP’s of supertramp, two of ELO, one of the who, and one of the libertines :D and I ordered Franz ferdinand’s new record, Tonight, and IT’S AWESOME :D

ok, back on topic; we had dinner at rolf’s aunt’s house (which was de-li-ci-ous :D) and after that we went to the melkweg. there were not many people outside waiting, we were a bit late-ish, cos there wouldn’t be a support band, and since there were none of those scene kids that NEED to stand in the front otherwise they DIE (you know who I mean, no offence to them xD) ok, the gig started, and they were just as good as I expected, maybe even better! one of the band members (I think) showed up in different suits at different songs, he had a police outfit (in which he began fake-hitting a random guy from the audience), a guantanamo bay-prisoners suit (in which he sat in an electric chair behind a fence), an uncle sam outfit with huge stilts xD
I’ll see if I can find a link to some pics…
ah, HERE‘s one :D

They had a pretty good setlist (which I can’t find right now) but they didn’t play my fave song insensibilidad, and the first song I knew from them; la estampidaaaaaaaa
though they did play welcome to hell and intifada and other songs, which I can’t remember from the top of my head
and spanish people really need to learn english! the spoke to the crowd in spanish ALL the time! I was yelling ‘no hablas espanol’ but I think he didn’t hear me xD and the merch-selling guy was also spanish, but he spoke a bit of english, I was able to communicate with him a bit and bought an AWESOME tshirt from que corra la voz. then I wanted to find out what it ment, and thanks to babelfish/my fantasy/forum people help I figured out that it would mean something like ‘spread the word!’ since there’s a newspaper on the background, and a cat with a megaphone is jumping outside of that newspaper :P so it’d kinda make sense..

a bit of a downside of this gig was that BOTH my cellphone AND my photocamera were stolen :(
luckily the insurance company had covered my phone (which I still haven’t got back; loooong story with lots of swearings) but I really miss my cam.. gotta do some research soon, I WANT and NEED a new one!

and I also need a new house, this one’s too full :P
I want to go n live on my own ^^

that’s all for now, I’m off to bed (I’m actually already in it…)


2 Responses to “Ska-P @ Melkweg”

  1. Ooohh Ska-P are great! the only bad thing is that they’re all communists and support Chavez, but apart from that they’re fine :)

    I have a live album from them, from like 2002, though I haven’t had a proper listen haha I will now :D

  2. whaaaat they seriously support chavez? OMFG.

    that sucks :(
    I’m pretty much as anti chavez as you are.. though you’re in the freaking middle of it :o
    when I heard that he can be chosen as president again, into infinity, I was like SHIT!!! :(

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