A quick post..

Just a small post for now.. I don’t post as often as I want to, if I have time I will scan some of my drawings.. made an cool one yesterday too, of an elfish girl, with a longbow :) didn’t finish it yet though, I have drawn a skirt, and I want to draw boots.. but i’m afraid if I’ll make them under her skirt I’ll mess up :P

I just watched a video that was posted on Jimmy Alter, and it’s soooooo good! xD
Toy Food

I immediately added it to my favourites :P

which you should check out by the way!
I juse the favourite function a lot :P
My youtube account

also, check out my pendulum video’s. they’re good :D


One Response to “A quick post..”

  1. What, you and the YouTUbe favourites? You neeeeeeeever use that function don’t ya (A)

    And nooooooo i really don’t browse your favourites, neeeeever :P

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