Vinyl pt. 2

I just found out (well I knew before..) that my parents have quite a collection of LP’s in the attic!
A while ago I already took a look, and selected some good ones, but I didn’t have my recordplayer yet..
and now I took them all to my room (the good ones, there are still like LOTS more) and put the titles n stuff in an excel file.. together with my own :)
here it is! *fingers crossed, hoping it will turn out right..*

LP V/A Flash Back Greats of the Sixties 1960 Verzamel  
LP Dubliners, The  On Stage 1978    
LP Cat Stevens Greatest Hits 1972    
LP 10CC Bloody Tourists 1978    
LP Eagles Desperado 1973    
LP Eagles The Long Run 1979    
LP Eagles One Of Those Nights 1975    
LP Eagles Hotel California 1976    
LP Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells 1973    
LP Rolling Stones, The Black and Blue 1976    
LP Golden Earring Contraband 1976    
LP Carpenters Now & Then 1973 180g  
LP Santana Greatest Hits 1974    
LP Fleetwoot Mac Rumours 1977    
LP Dire Straits Dire Straits 1978    
LP Beatles, The Love Songs 1977 2LP  
LP Doors, The  Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine 1972 2LP  
LP Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother 1970    
LP Jesus Christ Superstar OST 1973 2LP  
LP Santa Esmeralda (Starring Leroy Gomez) Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood 1977    
LP Queen A Day At The Races 1976    
LP Al Steward Year of the Cat 1977    
LP Stevie Wonder Songs In The Key of Life 1976 2LP  
LP Supertramp Crime Of The Century 1974    
LP Bob Dylan Greatest Hits 1969    
LP Eric Clapton 461 Ocean Boulevard 1974    
LP Rolling Stones, The Love You Live 1977 2LP  
LP Electric Light Orchestra Out of the Blue 1977 2LP  
LP Alan Parsons Project, The I Robot 1977    
LP Mike Oldfield Ommadawn 1975    
LP Nirvana MTV Unplugged 2005    
LP Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better With.. 2008    
LP Infadels Universe In Reverse 1994    
LP Libertines, The  The Libertines 2004    
7″ Flogging Molly Float 2007   Man With No Country
7″ Foxboro Hottubs Mother Mary 2007   She’s A Saint, Not a Celebrity
7″ Automatic, The Recover 2006   Recover (Culprit One Remix)
7″ Libertines, The  Can’t Stand Me Now 2004   I’ve Got Sweets
7″ Gogol Bordello Wonderlust King 2007   Supertheory of Supereverything
7″ Dirty Pretty Things Tired of England 2008 White Run Fat Boy Run
7″ Maxïmo Park Our Velocity 2007 White Pride Before A Fall
7″ Kaiser Chiefs Never Miss A Beat 2008   How Do You Feel About That?

wohoo at least it looks alright in the edit screen.. 
oh first column is lp/7″, second artist, title, year, other info, and the b-side (with the 7″s)

I’ve listened to the new ones, they’re my own.. and Pink Floyd just ended, before that I played Queen (really good record!!) and now I’m gonna play Supertramp :D

YAY! I’m so excited, that I actually forgot to eat.. 



edit 1: a shit the table didn’t turn out right.. it’s too wide :(
I’ve got to find a way to make the text column on this page wider.. any tips? I’ve got ZERO experience with CSS.. or whatever it’s called XD
Edit 2: I’m gonna buy 35 rock lp’s from a guy that lives in Hengelo today! for only 10 euro :o *omfg*
I’m so exited! I’ll post the titles on here as soon as possible ;)


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  1. !

    Edit 2: I’m gonna buy 35 rock lp’s from a guy that lives in Hengelo today! for only 10 euro *omfg*


    You go girl!

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